Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada

BF - Z Pod S-Compatible Theory Labs eLiquid Disposables St. Catharines Niagara Ontario Canada

BF - Z Pod

  • $17.99

A fusion of gummy lemon, strawberries, and pineapple - total fruity awesomeness.

Nicotine - Bold 20mg/mL (Salt-Freebase Hybrid)

Each pack contains 3 disposable vape pods, each individually packaged for optimal freshness.

2.0 mL of E-liquid per pod.


ZPODS deliver a highly satisfying 20mg throat hit by combining nic salts with freebase liquids. The hybrid formula ensures vapor freshness and produces a flavourful puff by efficiently converting every drop of vape juice into smooth vapor. The finely layered cotton coils prevent condensation and leakages, ensuring the purest taste till the last puff. Each pod pack contains 3 pre-filled pod cartridges of 2mL vape juice, providing up to 400 puffs per pod. ZPODS can be used with all S-Compatible closed pod devices. Their unique formulation ensures that you experience the same freshness in each puff, making ZPODS the best long-lasting S-Compatible pods.

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