Announcement 9-13-2019

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To our valued customers,

Theory Labs has been in business since 2016, we have always strived to create great products without cutting corners.  We are quick to adopt adjusted regulations and ensure we never sacrifice quality for a bottom line. 

Since the media has set focus on the generalization of vaping products, we felt it is necessary to help spread the word and educate a little bit further as to the proper compounds used to manufacture e-liquid.

We urge you to look past these uneducated media posts and pay attention to the underlying issues.  From a consumer standpoint, you should not only expect, but demand quality products built or bottled from a quality facility whether it be your hardware or e-liquid.  There are many great companies that produce e-liquid and when you buy your next bottle, ensure you check the “Produced By” section on the label and do your research, after all it’s your health and your right!

Theory Labs ONLY uses the following ingredients below to manufacture e-liquid:

  • Vegetable Glycerin USP 99.7%
  • Propylene Glycol USP 99.7%
  • Nicotine USP 99.9% Pure
  •  Food Flavourings

Our food flavourings are acquired through credible industry sources and all come with MSDS sheets. Our Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine as well come with MSDS sheets from credible sources.

As the media is portraying that in the United States some illicit manufactures of THC or CBD cartridges have caused sever respiratory issues due to ingredients such as Tocopheryl Acetate also know as Vitamin E Acetate, LIPIDS of any nature (Fatty Acids), MCT Coconut Oil.

Theory Labs would like to assure you that we DO NOT use any of these ingredients. We are also not a THC or CBD product Manufacturer.

We wish to conclude by saying that we stand with you, and sometimes information is not freely available or easy to find.  You will see many posts from a lot companies addressing these issues of late and we encourage you to reach out to whomever you wish, and we hope it’s us!  Email us at if you need reference material, or simply have questions.


Sincerely,                                                                         Sincerely,

Farouk Mentz                                                                 Angel Mentz

President                                                                         Chief Operating Officer

Theory Labs Corp                                                          Theory Labs Corp


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